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3 Things to Ditch if You Want a Home You’re Obsessed With

I know I’m not the first person to give you a list of stuff you need to ditch, but these things are holding you back from having a home you’re truly obsessed with (and I know you know it deep down). If you own any of these things and aren’t completely in love with your home, it's time to make some changes.

*Disclaimer: If you have any of these things and you are obsessed with your home, that’s okay! This article isn’t for you.

1. Builder-Grade Lighting

A big reason you aren’t fully obsessed with your home is you’re ignoring the light fixtures that came standard in your space. Builder-grade light fixtures are functional, but that’s about it. They’re a dead giveaway that you don’t have a custom, well-designed home—and no one likes a boob light.

2. Cheap Materials

Low-quality materials used for things like upholstered furniture, machine-made rugs, and throw pillows not only look and feel cheap, but wear out quickly. Opting for these may save you money initially, but you'll end up replacing them more frequently. This leads to added expenses over time and a never-ending cycle of consumption and dissatisfaction.

3. Big-Box Trends & Knockoffs

You are never going to be truly obsessed with your home if you’re only feeding it with the latest trends and knockoffs from a big-box store. They might seem cute right now, but they’ll look super dated in the very near future.

I promise you that creating a home you’re not only obsessed with, but could easily grace the pages of a design magazine is possible. Ditching these things is a great place to start.