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3 Mistakes You're Making When Shopping for Art

Shopping for art for your home can be intimidating, but avoiding these common mistakes is going to make the process much easier.

1. You’re buying mass-produced “wall art”

Shopping for “wall art” from big box stores is not going to make your home feel special or unique. Designs are created to be mass produced, lack character, and are based on trends that are already dated by the time they reach the shelves.

Image Via Pierce & Ward

2. You’re not putting any thought into the frame

How you choose to frame and/or mat your art can make or break even the best pieces. Thoughtful matting and framing can elevate your art, adding even more visual impact to your home.

Image Via Paper City Mag

3. You think you only need large pieces

Although we love a large piece of art just as much as the next person, it isn't the only way to make a statement. In fact, only having large pieces can look flat.

Grouping smaller art or letting a small piece shine on its own can add more dimension to your space and be just as impactful as one big piece.

Image Via Instagram